Referrals Information

Urgent Referrals To Rule Out Cancer

If your doctor or nurse want you to be seen urgently by a specialist ‘to rule out the possibility of cancer’

  • You should be given a ‘2 Week Wait Form’ in your appointment which explains what happens next.
  • We will make a ‘2 Week Wait’ electronic referral direct to the hospital within 1 working day.
  • The hospital should contact you within a few days

If you do not hear from the hospital about an appointment within two weeks please speak to the Secretaries at Portslade Health Centre.

Telephone our direct dial referral line 01273 431031 option 3

Waiting For Other Referrals

Please do not book an appointment at Portslade Health Centre to chase or enquire about waiting times for other referrals.

We know that waiting times for referrals are distressingly long for many specialities.

Please do not book an appointment to chase or enquire about your referral or because you are unhappy/concerned about the wait time.  It is not suitable to waste GP appointments for this type of reason – Once the referral is in the system there is little the doctor can do unless the clinical situation changes.

Instead of booking an appointment for this reason, please could all patients who are chasing or enquiring about their referral visit the My Planned Care website 

This website supports people waiting for a hospital appointment, operations or treatment, and give advice and support while they wait.  This includes access to average waiting times at the hospital and other useful advice and local services.

Patients can check the website of their allocated hospital for any information you may need before contacting the hospital or GP practice. Carers, friends, relatives and NHS teams can also see this information and, if needed, help guide people through the detail.

Routine Referrals

Most referrals are sent for processing to the University Hospitals Sussex Outpatient booking hub. They will contact you.

Their telephone number is 0300 303 8360

If the hospital say that they did not receive a referral for you please speak to the Secretaries at Portslade Health Centre 01273 431031 option